About Us

Buligo Capital Partners (Buligo) is a boutique investment firm that provides individual and institutional investors with the opportunity to invest globally alongside experienced operators. Through its continuously growing list of strategic partnerships, Buligo is able to offer its clients a broad range of investment options for different risk profiles. Every investment undergoes a rigid due diligence and approval process, and Buligo and its operating partners stand behind each opportunity by typically investing in each project.

Buligo serves sophisticated investors, from high net worth individuals and family offices in Israel and abroad to Israel's largest institutions, who are extremely motivated to participate in attractive investment opportunities both in Israel and internationally in order to diversify their portfolios and earn superior risk adjusted returns.

Buligo is able to offer a wide spectrum of investment strategies due to its established partnerships overseas.  Buligo’s competitive advantage is in its ability to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with highly reputable project sponsors who together with Buligo source, evaluate, secure and execute investments. Buligo is highly selective in its partner selection as well as its choice of projects. From the initial acquisition through the time of exit, Buligo is actively involved in the ongoing management of each investment.

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